Learning from Place- Week 4

The article suggests that a “critical pedagogy of place” aims to: a) identify, recover, and create material spaces and places that teach us how to live well in our total environments (reinhabitation); and (b) identify and change ways of thinking that injure and exploit other people and places (decolonization) (p.74). List some of the ways that you see reinhabitation and decolonization happening throughout the narrative. How might you adapt these ideas / consider place in your own subject areas and teaching?

One of the ways that I saw “critical pedagogy of place” show reinhabitation/ decolonization is how they brought the elders together for that were able to discuss their role ” In the early research design stages, it was evident that a community priority was bringing together Elders and youth so they could learn from one another about the role and meaning of the land to social well-being.” (page 73 ) I thinking the inclusion of elders in schools is one that although we are seeing more, still do not see enough. Elders have always played a strong role in indigenous cultures from story telling to passing down knowledge (medicine etc). So to see this in the articular is further showing how important elder knowledge is to decolonization and get a small sense of culture back.

The following relates to lost of language and land “According to one Mushkegowuk interviewee, paquataskamik is the Cree word used for traditional territory, all of the environment, nature, and everything it contains.
Noscheemik is the word for ‘camp,’ the bush, or a more specific area within
paquataskamik. For project participants, it was important to remember words like paquataskamik because they spoke to the broader project of territoriality and self-
determination within Mushkegowuk lands”(Page 77). When settlers came over their was huge lost of language has many feared speaking their mother tongue due punishment from residential school. The quote also goes into lost of ways of knowing being lost. We can bring this in to classroom by incorporate this by bringing some language into to the classroom and to teach how harmful that lost of land was. Also bringing students on a filed trip to become one with the lang to further push that importance land for reinhabitation and decolonization to happen.

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