Hidden Curriculum

For my first assignment I deiced to take a closer look at the hidden curriculum, and how it has many negative outcomes for many of our students and their success in their later journey in education. Although the use of hidden curriculum are useful often time for us teachers we have to understand the negative impacts it can have for our students with disabilities or that may be on the autism spectrum. I will analyze Brownell J. Cassie article as my main piece which is titled “Starting where you, revisiting what: A letter to a first-year teacher addressing the hidden curriculum”along with“Cultural Factors Related to the Hidden Curriculum for Students With Autism and Related Disabilities” Lee Jung Hyo and Orón José “Revealing the Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education” to express how Brownell’s theory of hidden curriculum having the capability to be oppressive and hurtful to students is in fact true and how not acknowledging that the hidden curriculum is there can be harmful to our students and their futures.

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