The Problem of Common Sense Responds

Kumashiro defines common sense as certain things or people. It is Important to understand that where and how we grow up gravely affects what we define as common sense. Many times we do not take into consideration what others people’s ideas of common sense are. Kumashiro explains to us when his view of common sense were  profoundly challenged when he went to Nepal to teach. He explains how when he was in Nepal his view on meals, washrooms and overall daily activities were challenged. Kumahiro also explains how the schooling he received in the USA was largely different as well, and how as a teacher used to his “common sense” way of teaching was tremendously different to those in Nepal. In Nepal it was common for teachers to hit the student, in fact even encouraged. Grades were only based off of one end of the year test. Which brings up the idea of common sense is often oppressive. Kumashiro brings up the idea of anti-oppressive education, a contest change in how we teach etc. This may be a scary idea to most teachers as we all tend to fear change, but this is the only way education can be equal to all.

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